Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels

Today, the start of the weekend, we have the Eight of Vessels, with the keyword of Rebirth showing up to join us today.

Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth
Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth
Card of the Day

Today, certainly promises to be that as we visit relatives in preparation for their birthday. Also, with it being the first day of the weekend, we have lots of things we can be grateful for, lots of things where  we can start again and just put this past week behind us, if we have to. The past in the past, we have a gift of the present, lets unwrap it and enjoy it, shall we?

I do find it rather funny that small children who are not my own, upon learning that I am pregnant, expect me to have a rather round stomach! That today, has made me laugh!

So today, let the emotions flow, be gentle to yourself and others and relax a little!

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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels
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