Wildwood COTD : King of Stones

Today, the first full day after the TABI Conference 2012, Mr Wolf comes out to join me. I always think of him as howling in the first instance, but protector in the second instance. Which one does he come up as for you in the first instance?

Card of the Day
King of Stones ~ Wolf
Card of the Day

As I check the book, he’s the page I went straight to. I went looking for the tracks and pathways, for I don’t see the King of Stones in the same way as the King of Pentacles, though they’re each other in their respective decks.

But his message I feel is finally getting through. In a way, he’s a part of the Woodward that came out over the weekend. Both aspects of the Wolf have hit me as a result. I have to ask: Why? at the attacks, which I feel is totally unwarranted and more unnecessary than anything else.

So again, it’s protection, defend, family, loyalty, determination, steadfastness…. and a headache!

So, I’m off now to hide in my den, shift this headache and come up defending the pack tomorrow.

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Wildwood COTD : King of Stones
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