Wildwood COTD : Major #11 ~ The Woodward

It’s a Monday, the rain is once again soaking everything here in the UK (like we need more water!), it’s colder than it ought to be and I for one, am glad to be home, warm, dry and safe. But what are you doing with yourself this Monday?

Card of the Day
Major 11 ~ The Woodward
(Card of the Day)

The Woodward is the Wildwood’s answer to Card 11, which is traditionally Justice (or Strength, depending on which tradition you’re following) and he so fits the Justice, Protector, Guardian ethos here in the Wildwood. He’s the one that keeps the animals safe. He uses the Lynx to quietly watch, observe.

They display courage from within, that connection to an unknown source that we are all born with. Do you find yourself facing an unavoidable truth? Are you dealing with a person or situation that seems totally unconquerable? The Woodward offers you his strength, which he draws from nature (it’s also part of the reason the Lynx is with him) and can be constantly renewed, like nature herself.

So, if your situation is rather challenging, you could do with finding your own point of stand: the point where you won’t retreat, where you can move forward with that quiet confidence that we were born with. The Woodward appears more at Lammas, when the suit of bows (Fire element) gives way to the suit of vessels (Water element), when summer begins to give way to Autumn (okay, Fall for any Americans reading this :)) when the year becomes more mature.

It’s that maturity that the Wildwood offers us as a gift and while we head towards Lammas at a rate I’d rather not mention (like, warp drive!) I plan on taking this lesson from the Wildwood and being mature. At least, for today!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #11 ~ The Woodward
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