Wildwood COTD : Major #11 ~ The Woodward

Today, as I prepare to retire after testing technology, I finally understand, I think, what The Woodward has been trying to teach me today. He protects The Wildwood from intruders, defends it when it’s under attack. I am no different and neither are the people that I interact with and are partly responsible for.

So today, the final run for getting The Tarot Lady to the TABI Conference failed: again. It wasn’t that Theresa sat in the actual plane for 2 hours, before disembarking. It wasn’t that the flight from JFK didn’t take off: Mother Nature was still raging a storm, the destination airport was closed and the airline refused to re-route her through to a plane that would get her here.

So, technology is now the key and having sat and tested it for an hour, checked the presentation, websites etc. (for which I will be pre-loaded and ready to go) we’re as good to go as we’re EVER going to be!

But there’s more! (as Jimmy Cricket would say)

I’ve learnt the hard way that people cannot be pleased all the time and even if they are, I may find that they’ll complain. But I am a professional. I will take the comments on board but I may find that the inner lynx needs to run off some energy elsewhere. For now, Theresa and I are drained. We’ve a show to run, transatlantic tomorrow, so I’d best get some sleep and Theresa is now off to eat something other than quick meals and airport food.

I’ll be back in professional Tarot action on Monday. Good night!


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Wildwood COTD : Major #11 ~ The Woodward
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