Wildwood COTD : Major #12, The Mirror

Today you’d be forgiven (if you’re in the UK) that the summer has totally failed to install. It has the cooling temperature of early autumn (fall) and it’s hard to believe it’s mid July. In parts of America, I hear they’re baking and are desperate for some rain. So, come on Jet Stream, please shift and do what you’re supposed to and let us have some summer weather!!

Card of the Day ~ The Mirror
Major 12 ~ The Mirror
Card of the Day

However, in Wildwood terms, we have The Mirror come and join us today and I feel that The Mirror is rather apt in its message today. The Wildwood’s roots are firmly connecting us to the past, and I feel today we’re reminded of the damage we’ve done to the environment and the Earth that we’re borrowing from the future generations.

The Mirror though is the initiator into the hidden, spiritual knowledge. To get the answers, one must be patient, prudent and trusting. She can offer us insights into our own unconscious workings, but you must surrender your will (like the person asleep in the boat) and insights may come from dreams, meditation. However, don’t try to force these things, they’ll reveal themselves when they’re ready, when your soul has worked out what it needs and can reveal it to you.

With the mirror, let the journey commence and awaken afresh, full of energy and ready to deal with the World and the challenges it raises. But I wish we could live our life without destroying the planet in the process.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #12, The Mirror

One thought on “Wildwood COTD : Major #12, The Mirror

  1. What a beautiful card! Today, i read an article in the paper about how there were hundreds of fish dead in a lake because it hadnt been cleaned in 3 years! Im just so upset and disgusted at this :-(( The only reason they decided to clean the lake was (not because they were concerned about the death of God’s precious creatures) because of the ‘dreadful stench’ which disturbed the residents nearby. Makes me wonder, if there hadn’t been a stench, would they even be concerned? We have become so selfish, and really need to view a mirror and look deep within ourselves. Why are we ruining our planet? Why can’t we keep our surroundings clean when we ourselves take a bath everyday and clean our own houses?

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