Wildwood COTD : Major #7 ~ The Archer

Today was most certainly a good, but tiring day. Today though, The Wildwood Tarot app was launched via iTunes, so I didn’t draw my card of the day from the deck itself, I drew it from the app. Fantastic!

Card of the Day
Major #7 ~ The Archer
Card of the Day

The card that came up was Major #7, The Archer. In RWS terms, she’s The Chariot, the driving force. Since bows were invented, its been used for survival, defence and really ought not to be underestimated. She’s focused and steady, skills and attitudes I have used greatly today. Those two white hunting dogs represent power that the Archer has not yet unleashed.

She reminds us that like the ancient Celts, who wrote spells on their arrows, we have the right to tune into the ancient ones and have quivers full of ideas and desires, focus our aims, loose our creativity and intellectual drive in a controlled and effective way.

In order to release the bow effectively, I do recall being rather calm, serene, both physically and mentally. Patience and cunning are needed. The dawn of a new adventure awaits before us (I know what my adventure is already!) but before we set foot onto the path of adventure (too late in my case), we’re reminded to take a moment to gather our tools and steady our state of mind, take stock of what we want to achieve, why and how we plan on going about it. Harness our potential by filling our quiver with all the talents, knowledge and cunning we posses and string our bows. Then, be calm and let our souls take flight.

This is an excellent app. Do consider buying it if you have an iPad or iPhone, as well as the deck. Now I have the deck with me all the time. Enjoy your Saturday, if you have anything of it left!

With blessings!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #7 ~ The Archer

4 thoughts on “Wildwood COTD : Major #7 ~ The Archer

  1. “quivers full of ideas and desires, focus our aims, loose our creativity and intellectual drive in a controlled and effective way.”

    LOVE that, and as well this Wildwood Tarot Archer really resonates from a Sag perspective to me as The Chariot. . . The two forces pulling down the strings from the bow to their confluence where they come together at the fingers/arrow . . . and then the stationary bow looses to point the way, to right and make known the aim. This card of the Day blog is really resonating with me. Loving the Archer ~ Chariot interplay. Thank You, Louise!

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