Wildwood COTD : Major #7, The Archer

I pull this card right at the end of the day. I’m at the TABI Conference, having met up with some old acquaintances, meeting new ones and waiting for others to arrive, mostly by aeroplane. Unfortunately, the bad weather in Milwaukee is causing issues and I see the Archer today as trying to cut through that and get the point across.

Card of the Day
Major #7 ~ The Archer
Card of the Day

I’m not sure if the point here is Theresa Reed is supposed to Skype in this presentation or break hell and high water to get here. Come what may, she fully intends on making it to the Conference. Skype’s the backup plan.

But even as I tried to sleep, it would not come, until the texts arrived that said Theresa was being disembarked. I can swear like a trooper, but I have young children at home, so I usually refrain and chastise those that swear near my children (they like to repeat things that they ought not to!) but I am sure you can insert quite a few colourful, perhaps Scottish, expletives into the parenthesis above: Trust me, I already have, mentally at least!

But as Theresa said in a blog post yesterday: It ain’t going to get her here to Birmingham any quicker and will certainly add to her stress levels!

So we have the negative side of the Archer: Aiming and firing that arrow at things beyond control, beyond reason, against people who cannot change what has happened.

Whilst we are annoyed that Theresa has not yet joined us, it is certainly not her fault. Beyond sprouting wings like Icarus and flying across the ocean (perhaps with her new young German friend in tow?) no more could have been done to try to get here.

So be careful today (Friday 27th) of what you’re aiming for, the why’s and if you stop to think enough, any consequences you may suffer from.


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Wildwood COTD : Major #7, The Archer

2 thoughts on “Wildwood COTD : Major #7, The Archer

  1. Well my friend, I will be making one more vain attempt to get there today. This will be the third time I have tried to come. If I could fly, believe me, I would have been there already days ago.

    1. I didn’t see this until AFTER we’d set Skype up! No idea why your comments keep coming in as spam, it’s perfectly valid!!
      Thanks for doing what you did, despite the technological difficulties we had!
      SO looking forward to meeting you and Terry next year!! *hugs*

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