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Wildwood COTD : Major #9 ~ The Hooded Man

It may be a Monday, but The Hooded Man appears to us only for the second time since I started using this deck. Still, I hear Clannad’s “Hooded Man” song from Robin of Sherwood, in my head. And in the Hooded Man, we have the Wildwood’s answer to The Hermit.

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Major #9 ~ Hooded Man
Card of the Day

To me, he’s the inner guide and mentor we all have, the lone quiet voice that sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life, we do not hear when we ought to. The one that we do need to pay attention to.

Now, it’s time to withdraw, to rest. The Hooded Man appears to be in the depths of winter and indeed, that is the time of year in which he lives, the Mid Winter Solstice.

Now is the time to absorb those experiences and emotions that we’ve experienced so far in life. This is how we begin to understand ourselves and the universe. How the Hooded Man appears to you is different for everyone, but through meditation or solitude in remote areas, prayers or some other way, the light from The Hooded Man will illuminate the way to the heart and the endless cycle of being.

He represents the final truth, the communication we have to have from time to time with ourselves that brings us to that deeper understanding.

And today, for me, I’ve had a lot of that. I just hope that the way we need to go is illuminated well enough to see all the signs that the divine has laid out for me.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #9 ~ The Hooded Man
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