Wildwood COTD : Major #4 ~ The Green Man

It’s FRIDAY and like most folk, I’m probably very glad to see the weekend come and join us. Along with the weekend, we have the masculine fertility of The Green Man emerge from The Wildwood.

Card of the Day ~ Green Man
Major #4 ~ The Green Man
Card of the Day

He’s the masculine, fertile energy from The Wildwood and on the Wheel of the Year, he sits at this point of Wheel, the time of Midsummer Solstice. His consort, The Green Woman, sits alongside him, equal in the same energy as the Lord himself.

But what has he got to share with us today? In The Wildwood, it’s the masculine side that gives us a new level of confidence and assertive dynamism. In plain English, that means what? Dynamis is an old Greek word meaning “power” and that is where the word dynamics comes from.

So, it’s power. But surely he’s not the only one to give power? We women can do it to, right? Of course we can, but in nature, there’s no cross over between what is male and female. In both cases we’re asked to find a new drive to begin projects, relationships and perhaps even new ways of fulfilling your life and your world.

So, what drive do you have to complete this task? The Green Man indicates that this is the apex of your life (Oh, I hope so!) and that we’re to enjoy it! So, go and enjoy it, find your drive and masculine determination. I’m rather enjoying mine!

If you’d like your share of this masculine energy and determination, you can find me and The Wildwood, here.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #4 ~ The Green Man
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