Wildwood COTD : Queen of Vessels

Today as the sun finally decides to come out from behind the rain clouds, the Queen of Vessels shows herself and reminds me to be as comfortable out of my environment as well as in it.

Queen of Vessels ~ The Salmon
Queen of Vessels ~ The Salmon
Card of the Day

The cool water of the river that this Queen is travelling up has a hazel tree hanging over the water. It is said that when the salmon eat them, they got wiser, which is why they can return to their spawning ground when they’re mature, despite being away for so long (some 5 years I think it is? You can find out more here) and Salmon that are ready to spawn will do absolutely anything and everything to get back to their home ground.

What has the Salmon offered to us today? She’s the Queen of emotions, the loving mother, the self-sacrificing mother. She’s also generous and honest, wise and intuitive.

Today though, my patience has been tested to the limit, I’ve been in and out of my element all day and it’s only day one of the school summer holidays! But I wouldn’t be without the children and their attitudes I know, will change as the summer holidays progress. At least, I can only hope that the attitude of the eldest will improve with time! Either that, or it’s going to be a very long summer!

However, today, this Queen offers us more than just a reminder of what we aspire to be, the trials and tribulations in getting there, as this page on shamanism and salmon shows. I hope you had much less stressful day than I did, but if not, I’m right there with you!

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Wildwood COTD : Queen of Vessels
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