Wildwood COTD : Ten of Arrows

Today the youngest has picked out the Ten of Arrows for me with the keyword of “Instruction”. What has this older man got to teach the youngster? The art of firing a bow, of how not to bruise, the basics and then it’s down to practising more and more.

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Ten of Arrows ~ Instruction
Card of the Day

I’ve had an epiphany about this card today. I am both the teacher and the student. It’s been a while since I was familiar with being both. I am learning a lot, picking up tips, information, ideas and pointers from others, but passing it on just as fast as I am getting the skills.

But my children are also teaching me how to do things. Today, I got to play with my eldest son’s Transformer toys. I swear you need a degree in doing those things! I can manage to do a few Decepticons, but the Autobots?! No! Not me! However, my eldest wanted one particular Autobot transformed back to a car whilst I was bathing his little brother.  So there’s me, transforming a Transformer toy whilst trying to ensure that the little one gets his medicated bath. Fun? You could call it that, yeah!

A line from the book catches my eye as I glance down: “Instruction and communication are required between the generations to help use old skills in new ways.”

That’s a simple, honest truth if I ever heard one. Here’s another  “If you want an honest answer, ask a child.” Just, never ask them if your bum looks big in that dress…
And never ask the Tarot if you don’t want to hear its answer.

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Wildwood COTD : Ten of Arrows

2 thoughts on “Wildwood COTD : Ten of Arrows

  1. Yep, one of the Wildwoods that’s way different from the traditional interpretation of this card (Ten of Swords, I believe). Children have much to teach us. Did a whole essay/talk on that one time long ago. It is nice having this as a generational wisdom/teaching card, beginning anew, rather than the devastating ending theme of the RWS version. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from my lovely progeny (all growed-up as they are now). Blessings, Louise! It’s been a very, very long time since I gave a child a bath. Enjoy. 🙂

  2. Joanne, I read this on my iPhone whilst I was treating the kids to lunch in a Subway store. You made me laugh, thank you! And thank you for reading 😀

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