Wildwood COTD : Three of Arrows

Today we have the Three of Arrows come out and join us. After running out of sheer time yesterday, I was rather puzzled with this card, until I got a wee glimpse into someone else’s life, and I saw a situation there that fitted the “Jealousy” angle, as well as seeing how my two boys reacted to the neighbours grand-daughter.

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Three of Arrows ~ Jealousy
Card of the Day

The situation with a friend was just jealousy displayed against her, but I worked out and now have to accept that my moral compass is set differently to that of others. I do feel for my friend, the situation was not of her doing, but it is clear how jealousy can take over someone’s life to the extend that they laundry their dirty personal washing in public. Eugh!!

The second instance of this today was watching my two boys play with the neighbours grand-daughter. She’s right between them both in age, younger than one, older than the other. I wasn’t sure who was trying to impress her more: the eldest or the youngest!! Certainly a jealously and brotherly thing going off!

But other than that, is there anything else we need to know from this card? It could indicate a tension of emotion, which can cause fear, resentment, or negative attitudes. Certainly saw most of these emotions displayed today. It can also indicate a broken dream, heart, broken economic situation or anything that links to emotional loss.

The healing balm for this situation is humility, acceptance and forgiveness, even when you’re faced with bitter rivalry and anger (estranged wives included!) and refocusing your energies into positive and creative endeavours in your own life.

This is much easier to type and read, than it is to do. Honestly, I know, been there, done that, so not very pleasant!! But if you need help through such a situation, you can book me via this page. Blessings to you!

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Wildwood COTD : Three of Arrows

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