Wildwood COTD : Two of Arrows

The entry for today is going to be rather short, though rather a lot has gone on for me today. This card carries the keyword of “Injustice” and I always struggle to see this card in real terms. Am I the one doing the injustice? Or are others doing it to me?

2 of Arrows ~ Injustice
2 of Arrows ~ Injustice
Card of the Day

Some quips from my American friends go over my head, their jibes lost in translation. The same is true in reverse, some of my jibes go over their heads. No doubt we’ll educate each other as time goes on.

But that’s me. What else is there? An injustice to… whom, exactly?? If it’s not my little one stopping an up escalator in the middle of Merry Hill (Yeah, sorry fellas!!) it’s something else. Things I feel cannot be decided on simple knowledge as presented, an informed decision must be sought and obtained. Both feet must be planted on the ground.

Which is hard when you have the kids asking for things every 2 nano-seconds, to them clinging and hanging onto your skirts (or trousers) when you so much as try to blow your own nose. Oh, the fun of motherhood!

But the injustice can be done in a moment, undone in never. Please be careful!

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Wildwood COTD : Two of Arrows
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