Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 7/12 ~ July

Welcome to the Seventh spoke of the Wheel of the Year.

I cannot believe it’s July already. Where has the year gone?! And can Summer please install itself? Thank you!! Lets look at the Wheel now more than half of the year has been revealed.

Wheel from January to July
Wheel of the Year ~ January to July

This is now looking rather spectacular!! We are probably well aware, the middle card is Major #14 ~ Balance (or Temperance in RWS) which is all about keeping things in the middle and walking a tight rope: not pulling the silver birch one way or the other. It’s all about finding the tricky balance between business, family, finances, TABI and me! It is also about having patience and having inner harmony.

June's 3 Cards
June’s 3 Cards

These were the cards for June:

Monthly Card: Ten of Stones ~ Home
What will help: Queen of Stones ~ Bear
What will not help: King of Bows ~ Adder

My synopsis for June was this:
The first card up for our overall message is the Ten of Stones, with the keyword of Home. So, the theme for June was home, hearth and family. To pay attention and concentrate on the home. Since I have decorating to finish, I believe that this is what it is going on about. (Remember, I pulled these on New Years Eve, some seven months ago now!). What will help? The Queen of Stones (or Pentacles) is your business woman: whatever the business is, she’ll take care of it. Come hell, high water or a tantrum, she’ll get it done and if she has to swipe out and use the claws, she will. As my parents are often fond of saying: Don’t miss #target to hit the wall. You hit someone, you’d better have hit them hard enough so that they stay down. What won’t help? The King of Bows, another court, comes out here. Vying for top position, being immature or too bossy, commanding, a wise ass. The King of Bows is known for his wisdom and educated point of view. However, they can be arrogant in getting their point across, especially when they’re later proven to be right and were right all along.

And June was right. The Home message and the Queen of Stones held another message that I shall keep personal at this time, but it’s strange how things unfold in the Tarot!

So, for July, what do we have? More fun I’ll wager!

July's 3 Cards
July’s 3 Cards

Monthly Card: King of Vessels ~ Heron
What will help: Eight of Stones ~ Skill
What will not help: Two of Vessels ~ Attraction

The first card up for our overall message is the King of Vessels which is represented by The Heron. So, the theme for July is controlling our emotions, understanding them and not letting them control us. The Heron flies in a really weird way, I just hope I’m not asked to take flight! I’d rather stand there and work things out on an emotional level, than fly off and use logic, but you know, sometimes you have to do both.  What will help? The Eight of Stones (or Pentacles) is your consistent worker, the one who will sit there in the dead of night and get things right. This fellow reminds me of that, the consistency, getting things done, nose to the grind stone. It may seem repetitive, but that is what this month is going to be about.  What won’t help? The Two of Vessels has the key word of attraction. I love shiny new things, I get distracted easily, especially when I must have my nose to the grind stone! (lol) however, being so easily distracted is not going to help me any this month. Oh well!!

So, did you draw three cards for this month? It’s not too late to do this for yourself, or have me do it for you for the remainder of this calendar year! If you’d like me to your Wheel for the next 5 months, I will do so for the price of a Skype reading.

Thank you for joining me on this latest leg of my Tarot journey!

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Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 7/12 ~ July
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