I’m back with you!

And a big hello and “I’m back!” statement to my blog followers, clients, fellow Tarot-ists, Blog Hoppers, peers and anyone else who has been wondering why I’ve been quiet: I’m back from the very “lacking in 3G, windy country of Wales”.

I have to say though, I enjoyed my camping trip and while I choose Mid Wales for its isolation, I hadn’t expected the severe lack of 3G signal. The mobile phone companies really (in my view) ought to get their finger out of their rear ends and sort Wales out with a regular 3G signal, at least in the towns. If they can do it so we have a 3G signal on the shores of Loch Lomond, they can fix it for Builth Wells, Brecon and everything north of the Black Mountains.

Now my rant is over, my Card of the Day returns to you all tomorrow. But for tonight, I’ll be dancing in the moonlight, or singing in the rain, it’s good to be back home again.

The Ten of Stones
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I’m back with you!
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