Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels

Today the card of the day is the Eight of Vessels with the keyword of “Rebirth”. And after spending this evening taking care of scheduled readings, I get to relax a little before heading to bed.

Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth
Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth
Card of the Day

But it’s funny, in a synchronistic kind of way, that the card for today is “rebirth”, given that today I had a scheduled evening at Sanctum Therapies. It is not just rebirth for my clients, but for me too, as I slowly build up a routine, a regular client base.

This is an emotional cleanse, a chance to give yourself a spa, a rebirth. I love helping people get to the next stage, of letting go of the past, heal and moving onto the future, all be it with the wounds, evidence of having lived.

So, I’ll end it here and head to bed. That is, after one more chore is undertaken. So, good night, sleep tight and bless you for reading!

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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels
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