Wildwood CotD : Four of Bows

It’s a Saturday and after a fairly decent journey on the motorway, we’re spending bank holiday weekend with family. Certainly a time to engage in the cards meaning of “celebration”, don’t you think?

Four of Bows ~ Celebration

As you can see from the card image, there are four women who are dancing around a camp-fire, celebrating with bows. Perhaps these ladies have been out hunting and been successful, or perhaps something else has happened to cause them to celebrate. Traditionally, this card relates to marriage, birthdays, celebration, family.

Also, good health comes to mind: We humans never seem to celebrate or enjoy life when we are in good health, we always seem to wish we had when we’re ill. This card can also relate to fertility and creativity.

Since I’m already pregnant, the fertility aspect is certainly taken care of!

What have you been working hard on recently? Is it completed? Is it going as you wish? Is it going better than planned, or do you need to change your plans and design slightly to make it better?

No matter what the weather does this weekend, celebrate with friends, be secure, enjoy life and if you’re fortunate and lucky enough to be in good health, celebrate, if only for that reason! Have fun today and remember, if you’d like a personal face to face reading, you can do so via this page.

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Wildwood CotD : Four of Bows
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