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Today, the Heron stands regally and tall in the water of emotions, lifting one foot off the ground, as is their custom. However, the emotions within me aren’t quite acting as calm as the Heron portrays.

Card of the Day
King of Vessels ~ The Heron
Card of the Day

What does he say to you? For me, this is a human, usually older than I am (and I’m not that young or old) who has come to learn what their emotions are telling them. Despite the title of the card being male, this can apply to both genders, but certainly older in relation to me, say 50+. Certainly old enough to be called a King.

What does he represent to you, though? There are Shamanistic qualities at play here, given John Matthew’s background. Here’s a link to some Shamanistic information on our Heron friend.

The site is right, I’ve never seen a Heron with others, they’re usually loners and if you’ve ever seen them take off, you’ll wonder how on earth the birds ever take off. They’re clumsy and awkward, to say the least. However, they have some fantastic positive properties to lend to us. Spotting an opportunity and taking advantage of it (like emptying a garden pond of fish in two days!) They know what is good for them, what they need to survive, and they also know what to avoid doing, so as not to place themselves in danger.

Told you, some great qualities here in the Heron! Now, do any of these apply to you? Or are you like me, when all these can and do apply at certain times of the week and day? We’re complicated animals, more so than the Heron, but their insight is helpful to us.

So today, keep a balance between being a loner (Hermit) and having too many social interactions that can drain and ware you out. This is where Social Media can be a hindrance, Facebook and its games can be addictive, as can texting in situations you ought not to (like driving). Life is full of don’t do’s, but as my husband pointed out to our eldest: humans are inherently lazy, we’ll do things just well enough to get by. Which is why things can take us humans ages to grasp: we don’t often try hard enough. Which is a shame, but we can over come that: if we want to. The question is: do you?

And if you need some help in reaching that goal, you can book your reading with me via this page.

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Wildwood CotD : King of Vessels

6 thoughts on “Wildwood CotD : King of Vessels

  1. Great article, Louise! I identify with the Heron through my adopted totem of the Ibis. I have always seen the ability to see across worlds in their aim for fish below the water . . . as if you aim for a fish where you see it, you miss due to the water’s refraction distorting its actual location. And, they BAM right on the mark every time.

    I also see this seeing across worlds as a foot on both sides, literally one gripping under water, one resting in the air. One firmly and stable foot grounded in earth and water over it, the other resting in the air touching to sun so to speak. Earth Water Air Fire sequence a bit like a sunflower albeit diff in its personality-of-identity Heron / Ibis ways. It is this seeing across worlds, a very literal foot on both sides (of the water surface) that I find most applicably intriguing across the board for the Heron / Ibis. It feels, at least from my perspective, that most of its other shamanistic and animal energy facets flow cleanly from there.

    One of my fave animals!

    1. Hey Jordan! I don’t dislike Heron’s, but I am on my guard with them, since one emptied my pond 2 winters ago!! πŸ™‚

      Love your answer to the one foot raised thing: And I see, Chloe totally agrees with you. The Heron, Shamanistic-ally, is linked more with Earth than Water, so the one foot in the air, connecting with that element and crossing both realms, makes total sense. Heron’s don’t like to muddy the water, it stops them from fishing πŸ™‚

      They are beautiful to watch though, we have one in our local park and he / she is graceful when standing, but it looks clumsy as they take off, I tell you πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting, I didn’t know about heron’s being loners!

    I’m with Jordan, I’ve always seen the one foot in the water, one foot in the air as an important part of this archetype. Mature enough to understand the emotions flowing around, without necessarily getting embroiled in them – able to keep a sense of perspective, rather than being swept away by emotion πŸ™‚

    1. It amazes me that as lone creatures, they still manage to reproduce!!
      And yes, a sense of perspective…. perhaps πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, I read the shaman information on this bird and it all makes perfect sense! There is a heron living by our local canal, and I see it most days while out for a walk. Recently it even allowed me to get fairly close, almost within touching distance, before it flew away. It seems comfortable and familiar to me and with me, so I think I have found my power animal (one of!) Thanks.

    1. Wow!! The one near me flies away if the dog runs up to the pond fencing!
      Have you tried meditating on the image of The Heron, see where it leads you? πŸ™‚

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