Wildwood CotD : Major #20 ~ The Great Bear

We are fast approaching a long public holiday here in the UK, thanks to the last Bank Holiday here in good old Blighty.

The Great Bear
Major #20 ~ The Great Bear

The Great Bear has me reaching for the book, for I have the initial impression of facing a challenge, but it’s not quite what I think the passage grave ought to indicate.

Having just read the first paragraph in the book, I understand that I had the wrong idea about this card. We can see two yew trees, framing the entrance way to the ancient mound that homes the passage grave. The polar bear on top, keeps watch, protecting the initiate within whilst they wait to be reborn. Any traditional religious and political concepts of right and wrong, guilt and innocence, no longer apply here. We can see the Big Dipper (The Great Bear constellation) in the night sky, indicating the entrance to the Otherworld.

So, what does all this mean for me or you today, I wonder? There are few things in life that are certain: change, death and taxes. How you survive any of these whilst going through life is what defines us and how you are after it is also down, to you. Sure, I can help with how you might want to handle it, that’s what I do as a Tarot reader, but at the end of the day, it’s down to you and what you want out of things.

You’re the only one whose judgement really matters. Everyone else’s is just an opinion and while you might want to listen to some opinions, others aren’t worth their salt or the paper it might take to note them down. The key I feel with this card, is being honest. The best opinions that others have are ones that comes from the point of honesty. There are other traits, such as patience and forgiveness. I’ve also just seen a rather pertinent phrase in the reference book with this card:

The universe has a long memory. Nothing is ever forgotten.

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Wildwood CotD : Major #20 ~ The Great Bear
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