Wildwood CotD : Major #8 ~ The Stag

Today, the Stag come out to beat nature’s drum. On the night of a blue Moon (the last and I think, only one in 2012) I feel rather keenly that the Moon is in full view. What I’d love to know is where the Moon is in my natal chart, but I’m useless at Astrology. However, I do know a good one, Deborah Morgan, at Solstice Astrology!

Card of the Day
Major 8 ~ The Stag ~ Justice

And on this full, rather blue moon, what do you intend on doing? Do you intend on connecting back to the beat of nature’s drum?

There’s a lot of posts about the Blue Moon on Facebook, about how anything is possible. To be honest, it is both magical and mystical, as well as being called a blue moon after an unfortunate (mis)publication of the Sky & Telescope magazine in 1946 being used in 1980. It’s amazing how something so innocent can change the future: another example of the Butterfly Effect.

But that said, what does the Stag have to do with the current full moon? The answer I feel is simple: Feel the beat and follow it! As I type, I have an acquaintance / friend in Bulgaria who is totally following the beat of The Stag. Whilst the Stag relates to the RWS’s Justice, he’s more about what is naturally right and just, rather than the human, social and creed doctrine we’re raised with.

I have another friend in the USA, who is taking this time to be just to herself and her business and going with what feels right, even if it was right up until now.

Nature’s Justice changes. We change and I wonder if this is what this fellow is reminding us? That change is here, time to deal with the consequences of what we’ve done since the last time he showed up. The question is, are you ready for it? Goddess knows I am not!

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Wildwood CotD : Major #8 ~ The Stag
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