Wildwood COTD : Major #9 ~ The Hooded Man

It’s FRIDAY (yay!) and most of us will be wanting to go out tonight, relax with wine or do something that normally seals the end of the week away from the weekend. However, The Wildwood has come up with exactly what I am feeling and wanting to do, and I didn’t pick the card, my eldest child has. Today, the Hooded Man comes out to join me.

Major 9 The Hooded Man
Major 9
The Hooded Man

The Hooded Man is The Wildwood’s answer to The Hermit, the solitary figure that allows you to take the time out, to think. To me, he’s also the answer to the tiredness and nausea I’ve been feeling for most of the day. He’s the fellow saying: “Come and rest here, curl up and sleep”.

That’s hard to do during the day with two active children that don’t really sleep in the day, so an early night is so in order for me! I’ve even had my hair trimmed, as it was getting too long and wasn’t sitting properly. Hopefully, that will stop the headaches I’ve been getting too.

However, what does he say to you today? He’s the inner voice that I already know is there, that I need to listen to more than I am right now, but it’s hard to listen when you’re half dead on your feet.

I appreciate the words John and Mark have put into the book, but for me, today, it’s not a case of meditating to find the answers, I know what the answer is. I guess I just needed permission to be a wee bit selfish this evening and retire early. As I was closing the book, the last paragraph in the meaning chapter jumped out at me. I’ll quote it here:

This time of rebirth is both inward and mystical, and yet, outwardly and universal, beyond the narrow boundaries of human civilisation and moral codes.

It’s the first part of that sentence that gets me: This time of rebirth. Yeah, or this time of pregnancy! The first trimester and the last part of the third trimester are the worst bits for me. But I’m nearly over the first trimester: thank the Goddess!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #9 ~ The Hooded Man
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