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It’s my first official day back into the fray that is Tarot Reading (but it’s one I love!) and already The Wildwood offers me the messenger of the druids, guardian of winter mysteries: The Wren.

Page of Arrows ~ Wren
Page of Arrows ~ Wren
Card of the Day

This little bird also lends its name to female members of the RAF (another life path story I never walked down, but that’s fine, I was never meant to join them, I think) who certainly showed and displayed determination, scholarship and wisdom, amongst the other traits. I was reminded today that I am not as young as some, nor as old as some.

The Wren to me is a reminder to listen, not just to the children, but to other relationships as well, especially sibling relationships. I had not realised it also linked to sibling relationships, I found that out here. Since I have only the one sibling, I had better pay attention.

There is power in speaking, the question is how harsh do you speak and how you say something, rather than what you say. That’s a lesson I find hard and since I am also meeting parents today, I had really ought to pay attention to how I say what I mean: my tone can be abrupt at times, though I do not intend for it to be: I had no idea how hard it was raising children or how much my temper would be frayed. Would I change it for all the tea in China or India? Heck no!

So today, I need to be careful of what I say, how I say it and listen quietly. That’s not going to be easy, so please, wish me luck! I feel I shall need it. Thank you very much, Wildwood!

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Wildwood COTD : Page of Arrows

2 thoughts on “Wildwood COTD : Page of Arrows

  1. What a wonderful synchronicity! I was working with The King of Swords as the Master Communicator today, where clarity and presence go well beyond spoken words and rest heartily on words spoken . . . and your expression of Page of Arrows ~ The Wren today, Louise, resonates to inform that work in a whole, expansive, additionally lifeful way. I really appreciate the “There is power in speaking, the question is how harsh you speak and how you say something, rather than what you say.” It’s a great reminder that tone carries weight, often more weight than what is said making how it is expressed of the utmost importance.

    Reminds me of Tom Selleck in the movie “3 Men and a Baby” when he is cooing the baby to sleep by reading a Sports Illustrated magazine article and the woman comes in appalled as he is softly cooing, “and the champion fighter pelted his opponent with vicious body blows.” She is livid, and he quietly shhushes her keeping the baby peaceful with “it’s all in the tone. It’s all in the tone.” Thanks! Great message today.

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