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Today, my eldest has picked the Card of the Day, and the first thing he asked was the usual: “What does that mean mummy?”

Card of the Day
Page of Bows ~ Stoat
Card of the Day

So my first answer was: “He’s playful, quick, inquisitive, intuitive and good at observing” He cuddled up to me and said that he loved me. Aren’t kids great?!

I also note that he’s great at keeping secrets, he’s extraordinary, a free spirit.

He’s an emissary, and as such, he reminds you that your gifts (and by relation, mine and my eldest son’s) are widely recognised and honoured.

The stoat can perceive what is true in almost any matter, he’s vastly helpful and your freedom of spirit marks you out as an original and unique personality.

How does that translate to you today? Perhaps you need to keep secrets, to be that emissary, to be yourself, see the truth for what it is, but keep the truth to yourself. Be a free spirit, enjoy life, have fun. Especially since this weekend in the UK is a long holiday weekend

It is a Friday, and a bank holiday weekend after all!

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Wildwood CotD : Page of Bows ~ Stoat
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