Wildwood CotD : Ten of Bows

After such a new beginnings start with yesterday’s card, we have a heavy reminder for today in the shape of the Ten of Bows with the key word of “responsibility”.

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Ten of Bows ~ Responsibility
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From the image, we can see the poor chap struggling stoically and determinedly up the hill towards the camp of fellow hunters and warriors. The home fires are burning, creating a reassuring glow and security and companionship.

With all that in mind, what does this suggest to you? To me, it shows inner fortitude, stamina and determination. I recall a phrase from Harry Potter where Professor McGonagall in The Philosophers Stone, awards fifty points to both Harry and Ron for “sheer dumb luck”. More to do with the fact that the pair just didn’t think to quit, give up or at any point, sit on their bottoms and not do what they had set out to do.

That’s still one of my favourite McGonagall quotes!

But what can this card tell us about today? I find that it’s a reminder that things before us may be tough, but if we keep in mind our goal, our reasons for doing what we’re doing, despite the difficulties that we may be facing, the effects of taking responsibility in your family or close tribal group can have far-reaching effects beyond our own personal spheres. It’s like the Butterfly Effect. A simple change you make can effect the lives of those around you, either for the better or for their detriment. It’s impossible to tell what kind of effect (or is it, affect?) you’ll have on their lives.

However, we have a responsibility to complete the task we have at hand, to live up to the expectations of our peers and children. They trust us to complete this task, to know how to get it done and to handle the responsibility until it is complete.

So today, keep on going, one step at a time, but keep your eye on the end goal. I find it’s easier to walk the hard paths if you don’t look down.

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Wildwood CotD : Ten of Bows

2 thoughts on “Wildwood CotD : Ten of Bows

  1. “So today, keep on going, one step at a time, but keep your eye on the end goal. I find it’s easier to walk to walk the hard paths of you don’t look down.” I LOVE that expression, Louise! 10 of Wands, and strong balance is indicated from my perspective, strong balance in keeping the orbits of your focus magnetically orbiting IN focus. Heck, If I COULD carry 10 wands without dropping them, and this guy is methodically going Emperor-style step by step WITH ALL of them . . . I offer my 10 of Wands Imagination Tool to pair with your great blog:

    And, the 10 of Wands says, “I gift you the tool of wonderful balance throughout your Idea Solar System. May you tune and tailor all that is there. May you tow your ideas with the grace of your own mindbodybeautiful as you explore, create, and make their orbits.”

    And, Goethe might add . . . “Never hurry, never rest.” Great blog for the 10 of Bows! May many arrows of ideas coming to fruition be focusedly aimed upon their arrival.

    1. Balance is certainly a key word with this, isn’t it? Numerically, 10’s are at an end of the cycle, so you’re nearly there! It’s nearly over, just a few more steps! And yes, never hurry, never rest. Good advice Jordan, thanks 🙂

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