Month: September 2012

Wildwood CotD : Queen of Vessels

Today we have a fantastic card come out and I don’t think I could have shuffled a better card to the top of the pile if I had tried. It’s the Queen of Vessels, represented by my Spirit Guide, the Salmon. What a card to have on the day I find out the gender of […]

Wildwood CotD : Four of Arrows

Today we get The Wildwood remind us to take a rest from the hubbub of life, at least, mentally. It’s time to switch off, chill out, relax and in general, mentally disconnect for a while. Life is so fast paced these days. There’s almost instant connection to people around the world, on the same mental […]

Wildwood CotD : Nine of Arrows

Today we have a remind to keep our thoughts on the job at hand, to not let other, shiny thoughts, disengage us from the task we originally set out to do. The card that carries this message is the Nine of Arrows, with the key word that inspired that little thought: Dedication. For those of […]

Wildwood CotD : Ten of Bows

It’s a Monday and no doubt, there’s a lot of people who really would rather be at home, rather than at work. There’s responsibility abound today, as The Wildwood likes reminding us. To me, this card is not so much the burden, the weight we carry, it’s the responsibility that we have in completing a […]

Wildwood CotD : Major #6 ~ The Forest Lovers

It’s Sunday and we have a rather nice card come out and join us. It’s The Forest Lovers Card, the Wildwood’s answer to the RWS Lovers Major. Here, we see more of a love each other, than love the idea of love. The Wildwood shows Marian and Robin, hand-fasting themselves to each other around a […]

Tarot Blog Hop ~ Mabon : The Power of Transformation

Oh my, it’s Blog Hop time already!! What on earth happened to Lammas? It came and went,  like most things, they don’t hang around forever or any great length of time. The Blog Post before mine is from Kareena Tarot and welcome to you if you’ve come from her blog entry and welcome if you […]

Wildwood CotD : Page of Bows

From the Two of Bows yesterday, to the Page of Bows today, the theme of being passionate carries onwards and forwards. Like children, the stoat is playful, inquisitive, quick, good at observing, keeping secrets, they’re extraordinary and a free spirit. What is extraordinary is that somehow, I’ve managed to stay married for ten years this […]

Wildwood CotD : Two of Bows

The card for Thursday is the Two of Bows, with the key word of “Decision”. There are decisions to be made every day, lots of them are small ones and some of them are not. However, not all of them are clear cut and obvious at the time that they’re made. It took me until […]

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