Tarot Blog Hop ~ Mabon : The Power of Transformation

Oh my, it’s Blog Hop time already!! What on earth happened to Lammas? It came and went,Β  like most things, they don’t hang around forever or any great length of time.

The Blog Post before mine is from Kareena Tarot and welcome to you if you’ve come from her blog entry and welcome if you haven’t!

Card of the Day
Major #2 ~ The Seer

This time, the theme is The Power of Transformation. Why? It’s easy. Look around you if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere: The leaves are turning brown, they’re falling from the trees, the squirrels are busy running around, collecting and storing the horse chestnuts, acorns and other nuts in preparation for the winter.The air is cooler too, fleeces and warmer jackets are now a necessity, as is an umbrella.

In the Southern Hemisphere you’re probably grateful that things are starting to warm up and lighten up, but the Southern Hemisphere doesn’t happen until around March 20th.

Card of the DayMabon is the middle of the three Pagan Harvests, the first being Lammas, the second, Mabon and the final, Samhain

The year continues to flow and march towards Yuletide at a pace, even the children are happy that the conkers are falling from the trees, they want to collect them as much as the squirrels do! So, what cards might come out at this time of year to represent Transformation?

One of the first that came to mind is the Six of Bows. Look at the bottom of the card, there are plenty of baskets full of the harvest. We light bonfires to help clear the ground of the remains of the harvest.

Card of the Day
Seven of Bows ~ Clearance

Another card that comes to mind is the Seven of Bows, where the ground has been cleared and the bows have been harvested. Lamas is the start of the harvest, but Mabon and the Autumn Equinox is usually when it ends. There is one card though that the Wildwood has that speaks of total transformation.

That card is the Wildwood’s answer to the Death card from the Rider Waite series.There are other cards too, the Ace of Arrows (Swords)

Card of the Day
Major 13 ~ The Journey

This is far more in tune with nature than the Rider Waite version of death, where we see a black cloaked figure on the back of a white horse, often with a red cloak. I’ve shown the image from the Robin Wood to illustrate another “good”, Death Card. Whilst the word of that card is Death, transformation is what it really refers to. The Wildwood has a more traditional take on it, for on the Journey of life, we transform all the time.

There are three things that are constant in life: Taxes, death and change, which is another word for transformation. Change (the Blasted Oak) can either be forced (the Blasted Oak) or embraced: I find it easier if change is embraced, though that said, it can still be a bitter pill to swallow.

What else can we do at this time of year? There’s a lot we can do, but for me, at this time of year, I’d better get on and get this decorating finished, now I have 3 hours free each day! Whoo hoo!! Of course, this week, I have just been tidying the house and I’ve also decided to join a sewing group, so new skills are now being learned. Again, it’s a transformation, a change.

When I said it was a constant thing, it is: but perhaps it is best done in small, baby sized steps. Now, what’s on the TV for the winter scheduling?

After me, is Bonnie Fernandes of Intuitive Blogging.

Enjoy the next hop! And if by chance, you get lost or you can’t read all of these in one go, you can find the master list, here:

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Tarot Blog Hop ~ Mabon : The Power of Transformation

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    1. Thank you Kareena! Nice to be hoping back to yours! Will read them later on, about to finally relax a little today πŸ™‚

  1. Lovely post! The Wildwood deck does have a very Autumnal feel to it doesn’t it? πŸ™‚ I especially liked the way you put The Journey card after the Seven of Bows… these cards highlight the transition from Autumn to Winter really well. I can see the Seven of Bows at work in the woods near my home. The landscape gardeners have been trimming and clearing certain areas for a few weeks now.

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