Wildwood CotD : Ace of Arrows

Today’s card of the Day is a brilliant start to the week and to the suit of Arrows. It is of course, the Ace of Arrows with the key phrase: The Breath of Life.

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Ace of Arrows ~ Breath of Life
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I love this card, it’s an Ace card and I have to wonder what is on the ground beneath the rising arrow. It’s not a part of the Abbas Giant, but it could be a part of the Uffington Horse. Searching via Goggle, I find that I am right, the image Will has used, has focused on the horse’s head. You can see the whole Uffington Horse image here.

The head of any animal is usually where it keeps its brain, therefore it’s easy to link arrows to intellect and new thoughts, new ideas, new futures and any and all possibilities.

I read from the book that there is a legend with the Eye of the Uffington White Horse. It is believed that if you stand on the eye of the Uffington horse and make a wish, you will gain wisdom and your wish will come true.

But perhaps it’s more to do with recognising intent and true thoughts, rather than just trying to act on whims. If you can connect to that higher thought, link somehow into a great consciousness, a great power, we believe that we can do anything. The power of positive thought is not to be underestimated, though it’s harder to have positive thoughts than have negative ones. I often wonder if we just need clarity of thought, and break things down into small(ish) pieces, rather than having the whole cake, have a slice at a time.

Answers can come in all shapes and sizes, from opening up a book or newspaper / magazine, to reading a blog post on a website to hearing a song on the radio that gives you the piece of the puzzle you need to go: Ah ha! Answers come in all shapes, sizes and ways. Your dreams are also worth documenting and remembering, if you can.

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Wildwood CotD : Ace of Arrows

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