Wildwood CotD : Four of Vessels

It’s a Sunday and the Wildwood offers to us the Four of Vessels. It suggests that today, we might be bored. Boredom in some cases can be good, we can’t all be pushing the envelope all the time, progress for a society is not made in big jumps, but in the constant little pushes day after day.

Card of the Day
Four of Vessels ~ Boredom
Card of the Day

Today though, after what promises to be an active weekend with the children (celebrating the youngster’s 3rd birthday) I might be out of energy and disconnected. After a weekend with children, Sunday is often about how early you can get yourself into bed with a cup of hot chocolate and settle down in your own bed to sleep.

However, there is so much energy around this woman, that I have to wonder why she’s being lazy and lethargic? Okay, so I offered an excuse above as to why, which is just that, an excuse, but you know, at times, we need excuses to get out of the things we know we ought not to be doing in the first place.

So while the meaning for today might be disconnection, don’t become a vacuum for the Universe. I have learnt from experience that it then likes to send so many things your way, you ought not to be bored, but then the opportunities are wasted.

So, today, try not to be too bored and if something comes up that interests you, it might be worth joining in: if only to alleviate the boredom!

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Wildwood CotD : Four of Vessels
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