Wildwood CotD : Knight of Stones

Today my youngest son pulls the card of the day and the Knight of Stones comes galloping towards me. Like him, today, I have been restless and I am at some loss to explain why.

Knight of Stones ~ Horse
Card of the Day

It has been hard to explain, this feeling of being out of control, whilst fully in control. I’ll wager that statement doesn’t even make sense, but that is how I have been feeling: galloping head-long but in control a little of where and why I am going there.

The colours on this wild horse suggest that he is healthy. Since he is wild and healthy, it suggests good self-sufficiency and activity. He’s very physical, very fit and any decision this Knight makes is because he is fit enough to make those decisions. I wonder if pleasure is important to this horse? He’s a Knight, or representative of one, so he might just do things because it makes him feel good, like, run for a while or enjoy listening to something.

He’s daring, full of pride and loves the Earth and will try most things at least once. I’d love to go riding on his back sometime, but I think he might buck me off! And since I’m 20 weeks pregnant and don’t ride for real, that might not be a great plan, but the idea of being free, doing something amazing, persevering and being active are all ringing true!

Now, I really need to find a way to get rid of all this nervous energy! It’s making the little lady jump about a bit too much right now!

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Wildwood CotD : Knight of Stones
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