Wildwood CotD : Major #21 ~ The World Tree

Today’s card my youngest pulled. My children really DO pull some fantastic card for review and the Card of the Day slot. The card today, as you can read from the title, is the 21st and last Major: it’s The World Tree.

Card of the Day
Major 21 ~ The World Tree
Card of the Day

It’s relation is The World card in the RWS, so it’s the card of finally working through things, achieving your goals, ambitions, targets, dreams.

The Four Seasoned Great World Tree represents these and other things, the end of part of a journey and the chance perhaps, to rest up before a new chapter begins

So, what do you want at your feet today? What part of the universal mind and recognition have you tapped into today? The journey through the maze takes you into the heart of the World Tree, which ought to then connect you to the central consciousness from which, it is said (in the book) that we can become one with the wholeness of the universal mind.

Have you noticed with this card that nothing is hidden? There’s no obstacles, no cunning or misleading diversions?  The only thing you have to do is walk the path and complete the journey.

Now, if someone could kindly elaborate on what the journey is, that’ll be great! But the trick here, is that the Tarot can help you on that path, with all its twists and turns. However, spelling things out for you and writing in on the wall so that you can see it as plain as day, isn’t what the Tarot does.

For me, the Tarot guides, hints, suggests, nudges. It doesn’t dictate, set things in stone and the free will is always yours to use, or not. Your life is for living, the Tarot is just there to help you along if you need it.

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Wildwood CotD : Major #21 ~ The World Tree

4 thoughts on “Wildwood CotD : Major #21 ~ The World Tree

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  2. I think it’s more striking when you learn in that situation Catherine! Sometimes, I *do* wonder sometimes if the reading is for me, or for the client 🙂

    1. Yes, indeed! I seem to attract clients in similar situations to myself, so when I advise them I also take on board the words that come through from the reading.

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