Wildwood CotD : Nine of Stones

Today, as I remember and recall this day from three years ago, the key word from this card comes into play. The key word is “tradition” and since it’s my little one’s third birthday, tradition is certainly the order of the day.

Card of the Day
Nine of Stones ~ Tradition
Card of the Day

We can see the shaman from Gunderstrup Cauldron, holding up the torq of Lordship in one hand and the serpent of wisdom in the other.

This Shaman has reached back into time with reverence and respect, seeking insight and wisdom. He communes directly with the esoteric and practical memory of the human race. He’s learning from the lessons that were laid down in generations past to the life experiences he is undergoing right at this moment.

Birthday’s are often a way and a reminder to look back at what we’ve learnt, the things we’d like to do in the coming year. New Year has the same kind of effect on most people, but the birthday is often the most prominent reminder.

However, what do you do on your birthday? For the children, the tradition is open presents, head to school (if it’s on a weekday), a Subway for lunch, chocolate cake, dinner of their choice…  For the husband and I, we usually have a meal out, time to ourselves, a glass of wine, perhaps a movie or something to relax with on the sofa. Though, I already know how I want to spend my birthday in March, but that’s a good way away, after I’ve given birth to the third one.

What tradition do you need to pay attention to today? What answers lie back in the past? Meditation is often a good way to work out what the next step should be: it connects us to the past.

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Wildwood CotD : Nine of Stones
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