Wildwood CotD : Six of Stones

It seems my half-written post from yesterday didn’t save in drafts, so my apologies for not posting it up. I ran out of time and energy yesterday and it’s not there to edit and put up retrospectively today. Today’s card though, is rather fitting and annoyingly so! It’s the Six of Stones with the key word of : Exploitation.

SIx of Stones ~ Exploitation
Card of the Day

It’s an old card that often leaves me confused and perplexed, but today, I feel it. Friday evening, I had the pleasure and misfortune to misplace my purse (coin purse to any Americans reading this) which means that the husband and I have cancelled all plastic payment cards that I had on me. My two credit cards and my debit card means I am devoid of any personal finance until maybe Tuesday? So today, I totally feel exploited, over-used, consciously aware that I cannot just go out and purchase any food that I need for the family when I discover I am short of it.

I feel totally exposed and it’s all my fault. I didn’t put my belongings back in a safe, known place. And because I did not, I am suffering the consequences.

I hate asking the other half for money, I really do. I despise it, it’s like asking for alms and I hate begging. However, if he wants his lunch tomorrow, I need to and I cannot and will not, cry about it. It is over and done with, it has happened. But I do tell you what: I’m going to have to be more careful with where I go with just my purse and pay attention to things. That, coming from me, suggests I might be organised. Ha! I can hope, but not until I have my paying plastic safely back in my coin purse.

I find it stunning that the Tarot still brings up and reflects what I am going through each day. I’m just glad there’s not a drowning card in this deck!

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Wildwood CotD : Six of Stones
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