Wildwood CotD : Ten of Arrows

Today my youngest son starts his nursery school class, so the Ten of Arrows with the keyword of “instruction” is rather important and relevant!

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Ten of Arrows ~ Instruction
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The last time this card came up for me, I was both the student and the teacher, in different aspects during the day. In the form I see it now, I am again in that situation, but it is slightly different. I have to learn to be on my own and do my own thing (again) after spending the last three years with the little guys by my side or the eldest doing his own thing.

Now both are off, doing their own thing and it’s time for me to do my own thing. Besides the Tarot, what else “is” my “own thing” ? Well, today I signed up for a sewing club. Yeah, sounds interesting perhaps, but I can’t sew very well to do much more than tack, being brutally honest.

I’d like to get more competent with sewing machines and needle work in general. I wish now I had paid attention to Mrs Dews in school and that I could recall the skills she tried to pass down to me. But I have not used them in some twenty odd years, so it is partly my fault for not using them. There’s a saying that I recall from Highlander: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. If you don’t take it out and use it, it’s going to rust“. How very apt!Β  So, one afternoon a week, I shall now spend a few hours practising my few skills in the hope that I can improve upon them. So my pile of things to sew and repair are gathered, next to my sewing box, ready to take tomorrow. Must remember my Β£1 for the coffee and biscuits too…

Next week, I might even try to make something… care to offer suggestions as to what? Tarot bags for some of the decks I have without a comfy warm bed, come to mind…

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Wildwood CotD : Ten of Arrows

4 thoughts on “Wildwood CotD : Ten of Arrows

  1. Tarot bags, definitely. I think I’ll just buy some from someone like you who is brave enough to relearn sewing skills. Just not my thing, but I do so appreciate the results!

    This is one of those WW cards that is so different from RWS tradition that one has to just stay within the WW world and go with it. Although I have to say it’s much nicer than having ten swords in one’s back, for sure. Reminds me of some interpretations of the 8 of Pentacles…

  2. I’ll have a little play soon πŸ™‚ I have some spare material to play around with, so I shall try!! Need to go through my box and work out which decks do not have a nice cosy home and cut the fabric to suit for next week πŸ™‚
    I’ll post pictures via the Facebook Page, so keep an eye out there πŸ™‚

    And yes, it is rather reminiscent of the 8 of Pentacles, isn’t it?

  3. Ooh, I’ll look forward to seeing the tarot bags! A friend did one, and said that doing a drawstring was really hard. I liked the look of the flap and button thing that Vanessa did for her Wildwood… πŸ™‚

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