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It’s a Monday and no doubt, there’s a lot of people who really would rather be at home, rather than at work. There’s responsibility abound today, as The Wildwood likes reminding us.

Card of the Day
Ten of Bows ~ Responsibility
Card of the Day

To me, this card is not so much the burden, the weight we carry, it’s the responsibility that we have in completing a task. Whatever that task may be, now is the time to get on with it to see it through.

What task are you near to completing? Remember, the Tens are at the end of the number run, right before we get to the Courts, so the task at hand is nearly done. This card enforces that idea, with the final destination now in sight, just a few more dogged, weary steps to go, and we’ve reached our target.

Often, we’re then asked to start again! With the bows, it might now be a new emotional beginning, or the arrow suit might come into play. We might be clever and say, move down to the eight of arrows, or across to the nine of vessels. If you’re aware of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, you’ll have a fair understanding of what I’ve just said. If not, that link might help you.

In the mean time, I like a lot of others, have responsibilities in various quarters of life, from school work with the eldest, to cracking on with this decorating I seem to have been doing for months. And whilst it is not easy to do with children around, it can now be tackled and hopefully, completed at some point sooner rather than later!

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Wildwood CotD : Ten of Bows
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