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“Dancing in the Moonlight, singing in the rain…. Oh it’s good to be back home again!” So sing Blackmore’s Knight in their song “Home Again“. Well, it’s good to be back home if your home is in some decent order and not in chaos! I swear, I need about two more of me to keep this house in check, tidied and ordered.

The Ten of Stones

And as I post this up, I realise suddenly, we’re in a new month! Yikes, where the heck has the year gone?! The schools go back almost imminently (2x teacher training day for my two), most of their kit is sorted, done, labelled, organised. Now, I just need another of me to do the chores, washing, ironing, Tarot readings, playing with the kids…. You get the idea. Yet, home is what the kids see, it’s where they’re allowed to play, it’s more important than the washing (unless you’re trying to keep them in clean clothes!) and cleaning it.

Home is where the children and you need to feel safe, secure. Even my dog, cat, five chickens and the twenty odd fish have that need. The home from the Ten of Stones is more secure than the four of stones, which I know has the keyword of “protection”. This is more protected, this is not something that a big bad wolf can just blow down. Which brings me to a rather interested “pause for thought” from one Father Brian D’Arcy that I heard yesterday on BBC Radio 2’s “Pause for Thought” moment at around 09:20. I don’t recall his exact words now, but the general gist of it I do recall, and it was: Carry on any way!

You build something and it gets knocked down somehow: build it any way.
You love someone, but you get hurt: love any way.
You work hard but your work is not recognised. Work hard any way.

He was quoting from someone whose name I now do not recall, but the sentiment I feel is the same here: Carry on building your home and doing your chores any way. Why? Because that is part of what makes a house, a home. My kids may not appreciate the tidiness of things when I get them to tidy up, but they sure do appreciate being able to find their toys of choice, clean clothes and their toothbrushes when they need them!

So today, do what ever it is you do, not because of any thanks, gratitude or recognition (though, they’re sure nice!) but do it any way, because you can.

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Wildwood CotD : Ten of Stones

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  1. The Paradoxical Commandments was the Pause for Thought the other day. I can’t copy the link for you, but if you Google the Paradoxical Commandments and you’ll find a link for Kent M Keith πŸ™‚


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