Wildwood CotD : Ten of Arrows

Today, after a great weekend discussing and indulging in the Tarot at the Riviera Tarot Conference, driving over some 400 miles with family and dog in tow (though, not actually on ropes on the motorway!) I am glad to be at home and I am now intrigued by The Wildwood as to the card for today, which was and is the Ten of Arrows.

Ten of Arrows

We have the card for Instruction come out to join us. I love this interpretation above the 10 of Swords from the RWS. It’s the most positive I’ve had the pleasure of interpreting and I love it for that.

This could be representative of a lot of things, from the schools returning for half term (as my kids have) to others that have just gone onto the half term break. For me, it is the former: they’ve returned to the formal education, they’re learning. I too am learning new things: I spent a whole weekend learning new things, some Tarot related, some not.

But it is all about education of me, myself and I. It is about understanding the instruction from our elders and from mother Nature: the largest educational institution on this earth.

So the question for today is: What do you need to learn? What information do you need to teach the younger generation? I feel it is also about taking advice when it is offered, whether it is asked for or not. It relates rather well to those who might suffer at the winds of Hurricane Sandy: take the instruction when it’s given: it may save your life!

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Wildwood CotD : Ten of Arrows
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