Wildwood CotD : Ace of Vessels

Today, the sense of humour continues, even though I did not draw a card for Friday. I wonder what, exactly, the Wildwood is hinting / suggesting today? You may have noticed that I have stopped drawing a card or publishing any Wildwood thoughts at the weekends. That’s partly because I want to spend time with the boys, before more organised chaos arrives in the shape of their baby sister.

Ace of Vessels Waters of Life
Ace of Vessels
Waters of Life

But what else does the Ace of Vessels, the Waters of Life, have to say about today? What does the Ace mean to you? For me, there’s two possibilities… well, actually a few more. One, I get emotionally attached to something I haven’t been emotionally attached to before. That, at the moment, could be anything, the day is young.

I also hope it is good news about my somewhat drowned iPhone. Only time will tell on that, but I shall keep you posted, if you like?

There’s also the possibilities of new friendships, cementing old ones on a new emotional level, finding new ground with loved ones… the list goes on and on. It’s about emotional support for those we care about, those around us, those that share our life. Water nourishes our body, our soul, our heads and our life.

So, here’s a heavy question for you right off the bat, whether The Wildwood is being humorous or not: What are you (yes, you’re reading this!) doing to add to the waters of life for yourself and those around you? Me? I’m off to connect with someone new who contacted me, shove the proverbial broom where the sun don’t shine and sweep the floor as I go. Metaphorically speaking, of course!

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Wildwood CotD : Ace of Vessels
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