Wildwood CotD : Four of Arrows

Today the card of the day reflects totally what I would dearly love to do: rest. I would have loved to go back to bed, or even just collapse in a heap on the floor or the sofa. If I did that, the baby would complain I’m lying on her so I’d have to move anyway and it is hard to do Tarot readings whilst you’re asleep. Well, not really, just the ones that you’re being paid to deliver.

Four of Arrows

The power of sleep, of being able to transform is quite powerful. So is the power of rest. It is hard to function if you don’t let your body and mind rest. Whilst you may dream (we all do, just sometimes we remember we dreamt, other times it’s like we went to sleep ten minutes ago) your brain is still resting: it just needs to work out the nonsense we’ve put ourselves through during the day.

We can also suffer from exhaustion if we don’t take the time to rest up at any point. We all need our rest, some more than others, some for longer than others.

What else does he suggest to you today? To me, he is also about mentally resting, not just physically. Do something mundane, brain numbing, monotonous. Relax. Chillax, as the new buzz-word seems to be.

So today, find a nice quiet corner here with me in The Wildwood. I’ll be the one lying under a huge, thick duvet, memory foam pillows and mattress, sound asleep. However, if you’d like my attention when I awake, feel free to drop me a message, comment on the blog or even better, book your reading slot here with me, now that the Paypal buttons are working properly!

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Wildwood CotD : Four of Arrows
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