Wildwood CotD : Four of Stones

Today we have the Four of Stones with the key word of “Protection”. It’s the half term break and already The Wildwood seems to suggest that we find a quiet corner and shelter.The only thing is, is it for me to hide and get protection, or is it for the kids to hide?

Four of Stones

Maybe it is for us all to take shelter and just chill out, relax and enjoy each others company. I also find it necessary to just remind the children that they have the right to do their homework, chill out, read, go to the library: whatever it is they want to do that doesn’t involve vast amounts (or indeed, any amount) of money.

However, today I need to wait in for a package that I am eagerly awaiting: The arrival of my new iPhone 4. Time to get mobile again. I was mobile before with the indestructible Sonim S1 (and it is pretty much child/toilet/step on proof!) but the iPhone has rocked how often and how well I interact and react to client requests. I now feel lost without it.

But I also need to protect it, and protect it I will. But first, I need to get my little paws on it! So today, it’s a stay at home, chillax, put the wood burner on to keep toasty warm, talk with a guy who knows about fireplaces and chimneys whose wife I go to coffee mornings with and put the Dyson back together after a good clear / scrub out before the engineering visit on Thursday. (What ever is wrong with the darned thing, it is not in parts I can get at with a hard brush, a clean filter or pulling bits off it to clear a blockage that isn’t where I can reach) and do the last of the polly-filling before I size my walls down.  Protection? I think I am the one in need of protection from all the jobs I have to do! Good morning!

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Wildwood CotD : Four of Stones

2 thoughts on “Wildwood CotD : Four of Stones

  1. Wow, SuperMom!! I have to say, reading your blog today makes me grateful all that is 20 years behind me. 🙂 Keep on keepin on, sistah!

    1. Oh, thanks Carla!! Now to get the kitchen squared off when I’ve finished eating!
      The need for protection has come in a corner I haven’t documented: Facebook. :/

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