Wildwood CotD : King of Arrows

It’s Sunday and we have the King of Arrows come out and join us. If you wanted someone today who was straight talking, could give honest advice and be totally direct in delivering it, this is the card. This is the King of Arrows, represented here in the Wildwood by the Kingfisher.

Card of the Day
King of Arrows – Kingfisher

In the card, we see the Kingfisher flying over a still lake. All is quiet and it feels like it’s early in the morning with this card. When this fellow comes out, I always find that I ought to bite my tongue, mind what and who I say it to and be careful not to hurt those around me.

There was a rather pertinent graphic post on Facebook this morning which matches the warning I usually need when the Kingfisher comes out to play.

I found it was rather prophetic and synchronistic. Whilst we might appreciate straight talking some of the time, there are times when we have to be conscious of our own actions and what we say and do to and with others. There is a way to say what needs to be saying without upsetting those we love and care for.

The Kingfisher has good qualities that we can embrace. They’re intelligent, strong, watchful. They can tell truth from lies and are great at counselling. Though, you might not want to hear the home truths they can feed back to you, so only ask them if you are really ready and willing to hear these truths.

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Wildwood CotD : King of Arrows
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