Wildwood CotD : Knight of Bows

Today we have been watched by the Knight of Bows, which appears to us as the sly, cunning, observant, entrepreneurial and daring, Mr Fox.

Knight of Bows

To me, the Fox is observant. He encourages us to see and not be seen, to be observant, agile, skilled. They’re also unpredictable, they’re not “set” in their day and night routine all the time these days, not when there is free food to be had in the left-overs we humans leave behind.

What else comes to mind for me is that the fox is sheer determination. Do they have that characteristic to their own detriment? Do we, if we borrow the energy that this Knight presents to us today?

Our lives change so much in such a short time, we have to be clever, cunning and willing to change direction at the drop of a hat. We have to trust our instincts. If they say: “Leave the old ways behind” we need to trust in that.  Of course, it depends upon who is saying that to us and why it is either being said or felt.

Today, I have been watching things unfold. Watching and hearing my children play, doing chores, arranging engineers (more of them!) for next week to fix certain pieces of machinery, obtain quotes and ideas for other aspects in the house. Watching can be boring, but sometimes, we need to observe to understand what exactly, is going on around us.

Have fun and be safe, watching the world go by for a day. I also wonder if today is a day to think?

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Wildwood CotD : Knight of Bows
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