Wildwood CotD : Major 16 ~ The Blasted Oak

Today was certainly informative and helpful! The Blasted Oak (Or The Tower) was felt and for the first time, I think it’s come right when I needed it. Usually, when it lands, it’s forced upon us and we don’t want it; Things like redundancy, divorce, job loss… something negative and life changing that lasts for months.

Major 16
The Blasted Oak

However today, for the first time, I totally believe that whilst it has been forced upon me, it was a good thing. Any one who reads this blog knows I have two boys, both at school in varying years. The eldest is in year 2, the youngest in afternoon nursery. However, they’re both subject to the school holidays. It had escaped my notice that the school holidays (half term) was next week. Imagine how daft they and I would look if I had gotten the eldest to school for 8am (to have breakfast club) to find the school closed?

Okay, so I felt a twit this morning when I was asked: “But aren’t your kids on half term like mine?” and I had to shrug my shoulders and go: “No idea! Is it half term already?!” A quick text and a reply from another better organised mum than I, confirmed it. Whew!

So I can relax now, the pressure to have things organised like clockwork for 3 men in the house (or shall I just keep the general term of boys?) doesn’t need to be so tightly executed until Friday.

Which reminds me: My hours for the coming week have reduced as a result, so please see my bookings page for the updated times. But what a welcome blast and heads up from another mum! Now the question is: What on earth do  I do with a 6 and 3-year-old in the house for a WEEK!?  Library is one venue on the agenda, reading and gaining / practising comprehension is another… Oh, it’s going to be a rocky week but you know, I’ll get so precious little time with them alone before their little sister arrives, I’d better appreciate it!

I’d also better get ready for Promoting the Riviera Tarot Conference down in Torquay, get on with papering the front room and do the laundry. I’m tired just thinking about it all! Good night!!

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Wildwood CotD : Major 16 ~ The Blasted Oak
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