Wildwood CotD : Major #16 ~ The Blasted Oak

Today we have The Blasted Oak come and join us. Since I drew it out this morning I’ve been wondering how and when I would see and feel this card’s influence today. However, it’s another one that has probably gently poked me and I’ve missed it.

Major 16
The Blasted Oak

That said, having had one major kitchen appliance repaired today, started to draft a report, washed down dirty walls (how can kids get mess up hall walls that is taller than them?!) so it may well have been down to all of that.

What else can or does this represent to you? I also now realise that I’ve missed out on the Samhain Blog Hop (argh!), which makes me a little sad, but it now cannot be helped.

This card is usually about big changes or changes that affect us either out of the blue or changes we instigate that shakes the foundations up a good bit, if not totally rip them up to start again.

I’m not planning anything that extreme, nor do I hope I suffer anything that extreme, caused either by me or inflicted upon me and mine.

However, this may be rather pertinent to those on the east coast of the USA. I hope that there are not too many other cases of fatalities. As it is now late here in the UK, the log fire burns down lowly, the time has come to say good night. See you all tomorrow!

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Wildwood CotD : Major #16 ~ The Blasted Oak

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  1. My Tower moment, it turns out, was the HTML on the Buy A Reading page…. :/
    That certainly takes me out of my comfort zone!!

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