Wildwood CotD : Major #21 ~ The World Tree

Today, the Wildwood has a sense of humour, but I am not laughing. Not yet any-ways. The card for today is The World Tree and after dropping my iPhone down the toilet and killing it, I’m failing to see the point.

Card of the Day
Major 21 ~ The World Tree
Card of the Day

The World might indeed be at my feet, but after destroying the mobile, having the kids argue, then telling the husband I’ve done it again (as well as being pregnant!) not a good afternoon has been had! The Tarot has a sense of humour, says a friend in the USA. Maybe, was my reply, but I’m failing to see the humour or get the point. “Stop carrying the world, and just take care of your immediate circle” was her reply.

And so today’s message comes through as going through another twist and turn, a different perspective and a different view-point in the labyrinth of life.

It’s a view-point I didn’t choose to go into nor want today, but none the less, it has happened. Now we see if it can be repaired. I hope it can, if this card is any indication of that.

But what else does it say to you today? The other lesson from today, is take your time. Enjoy things, don’t rush. I now have the Simon and Garfunkel song “Feeling Groovy” going around in my head. Oh dear, right before bed too!!

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Wildwood CotD : Major #21 ~ The World Tree

3 thoughts on “Wildwood CotD : Major #21 ~ The World Tree

  1. Doesn’t that spiral look like the water flushing round and round and round? :-X

    Sorry to hear about your phone. That’s no fun.

  2. Heard back. Tis D E A D. Totally. Sunny side down fried iPhone.
    BUGGER is all I have to say to that. Told you, didn’t see the funny side!! 😮

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