Wildwood CotD : Queen of Stones

Today we were joined by the Queen of Stones, the lady who is highly pragmatic, practical, the hugging mother figure. If you wanted someone to defend your corner and be pragmatic, this is your lady.

Queen of Stones
The Bear

She’s represented in The Wildwood as a brown bear, either heading into her cave or she’s on the edge, checking upon her domain. She might also be staying indoors. The wind is bitter outside and reports already from the great north-east already have snow on high ground.

The message this weekend I think is to be safe, be practical, guard your own and I think, have fun!

There is some good to be done this weekend, but just do the good because you can, not because it’s to be shouted about from the proverbial rooftops or all over any and all social media sites.

I like discussing the cards, so feel free to comment! If you would like a private in-depth, you can purchase your reading here. I am back on normal hours from next week and I look forward to reading your cards for you!

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Wildwood CotD : Queen of Stones
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