Wildwood CotD : Seven of Bows

Today two cards came out in answer to the question of: What do I need for today? The answer was one of the cards I associate with Autumn, the bonfires and keeping warm this side of winter, and the other side when we get there. That card is the Seven of Bows, with the keyword of “Clearance”.

Card of the Day
Seven of Bows ~ Clearance

Clearance can mean a lot of things. At the moment, it’s more about me getting things in order financially that have my interest, rather than physical tidying and clearing up, though I also have to finish the decorating, but I am on the last phase of that now.

Clearance is also a mental attitude. How can you function going forward if you’re also dragging around the past? Stevie Nicks has a song that is called: “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” and whilst I am not dragging around a heart, I am dragging around other things that slow me down, mentally more than anything else.

What I need to do and what is customary at this time of year. The Jewish community have just gone through it with Yom Kippour, which is a mental time after the Jewish New Year, where you clear out all the regrets for the past year, things you didn’t do, people you wronged. Then you think about the things you want to do in the coming 12 months, how you will treat others. It’s a process that is done usually during fasting and from what little I understand, you think about it for a few days, then fast for 24 hours to get right into the emotions of it, then you eat merrily and carry on as you have just planned.

So the message today is clear your decks, thoughts, the clutter that is holding you back. Take forward what is of use (the six new bows standing up and the older seventh on the ground) but what is not needed, burn, get rid. There can be no good in dragging it around with you.

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Wildwood CotD : Seven of Bows
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