Wildwood CotD : Six of Bows

Today we’re reminded by The Wildwood to be grateful for what we have, the abundance of the harvest just gone (yeah, does it know what the weather’s been like this “summer” ?) and the dark times that are about to fall. As the weather cools, the wood burning stove goes on, we turn to warm food and jumpers.

Six of Bows

As the images from the Wildwood suggests, there’s plenty out there, if that is how and what we need to survive for the coming months. We’re lucky these days, we don’t need to grow our own things, though with companies like Monsanto around, we’re turning back to growing our own, from things as seasonal as tomatoes to potatoes, soft fruits and salads.

Whenever I see this, I am reminded to not over-indulge. What we have has to last us. In this case, mid-week but for many families, it may be longer. I heard on the radio today that the cost of renting / living is so high, families here in the UK have to have housing benefit from the Government as well as paying something towards it. That’s a damn sad state of affairs, but we all know that the current leadership only give a rats behind about their expensive Eton chums: not about everyone else who has to earn a living, feed their kids, pets. It reminds me of the legends that got me onto the Pagan / Wildwood path to begin with: The Legends of Robin Hood. Take from the rich to give to the poor.

The poor need hope. Everyone needs hope. Everyone has questions, everyone wants answers. Some are rich enough to make their wants happen, even to the detriment of others or you. Others are not and it is this imbalance that I feel is causing grief and strife.

But The Wildwood, like most Tarot cards, doesn’t care what your background is, how rich or how not rich you are, whether you’re gay, racist or any other quality we use to judge each other with. It has answers and at the moment, its answer / advise for today is this: Be Abundant. Whether that be in human spirit, in giving what little you have and sharing it with another, sharing knowledge or a passion or in another way, it is good to share.

Sorry I went off on one: I try hard not to! I try to be impartial but it is not so easy these days. If you’d like my help, you can hire me via this page (please note I’m on reduced hours this week due to the school holidays).

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Wildwood CotD : Six of Bows

2 thoughts on “Wildwood CotD : Six of Bows

  1. Interesting thoughts and I agree with you. Actually, my reading today was also about appreciating abundance without going overboard. πŸ™‚

    1. *lol* I went off on one, didn’t I?? Rather synchronistic that we get the same kind of message through, isn’t it? πŸ™‚
      Hope you have a good day sweetie!!

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