Month: November 2012

Wildwood CotD : Knight of Vessels

Another card of the Vessels suit comes out to join us and today, it’s the slippery, environment changing, go-with-the-flow, Eel. What a brilliant card for a Friday! This Knight is far more about adaptability, camouflage and their sometime electric personalities than being the trodden, emotional wreck often applied to this card. This Knight has a […]

Wildwood CotD : Ten of Vessels

Today the Ten of Vessels comes out to join us and the cups today, over-floweth! The water can flow so fast that we don’t get chance to take stock and understand quite we’re feeling. The emotions today may feel over-whelming, too much. Each cup returns to the river that which it doesn’t need, from the […]

Wildwood CotD : Three of Vessels

It’s Party Time! Oh, wait, this is Tuesday, not a Friday. Does The Wildwood know what day of the week it is? I doubt it and even if it did, its message is applied to any day of the week. Today, we’re reminded to be thankful for friends, be joyous in the bond that they […]

Green Man Tree Oracle: Holly ~ Tinne

Green Man Wisdom ~ Energy fuels every action This week we have the ever green Holly come and join us. I learn from reading this that Holly burns the hottest of all the woods, creating a passionate fire. Fires can be created for all sorts of reasons. There’s the physical for heat, warmth, food. The […]

Wildwood CotD : Major #17 ~ The Pole Star

This weekend we’re joined by The Pole Star, the Wildwood’s answer to The Star in the RWS. Firstly, I’m sorry I didn’t post this card up yesterday (Friday 23rd) but I was simply too tired to concentrate or to think. However, the message is carries for us isn’t just for one day, this is your […]

Wildwood CotD : Two of Arrows

The card for “Injustice” comes out to play today and boy, have her arrows pierced their mark or what?! I am livid at the injustice people do, thinking it is okay to act certain ways. And it is not, but once bitten, twice shy. Shy? No… but think I’ll go plait fog, it’ll be easier. […]

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