Green Man Tree Oracle: Holly ~ Tinne

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Holly – Tinne

This week we have the ever green Holly come and join us. I learn from reading this that Holly burns the hottest of all the woods, creating a passionate fire. Fires can be created for all sorts of reasons. There’s the physical for heat, warmth, food. The others are passionate and emotionally related. Image a set of scales if you wish: On one seat, you’ve got actions that are fuelled by anger, creating war like situations like Aries stomping around the Planet. At the other end, you’ve so intense a feeling that dynamic changes are felt by everyone.

Holly urges us to take action, but to temper our actions, consider the possible implication of doing so, not letting your heart rule your head and not burning yourself out by travelling at 100 miles an hour all the time. Holly helps us find the passion to commit to a project, be it new or old, but to temper our actions and channel them into useful actions. Take the opportunities as they arise, be inspired by the fiery nature of the Holly.

The Ogham, Tinne

I look forward to seeing the Holly in my house during mid-winter. It brings some of nature in-doors, a reminder for me that spring will spring again. It is connected with protection, for the reasons of its red berries and the greenness of the leaves. Wearing a sprig of holly insured the wearer against the wiles of the faery people, while the holly wreath at the front door made sure nothing untoward would enter. However, it was considered unlucky to cut a holly branch without asking the tree’s permission first. Holly is I feel, androgynous: male and female. The prickly ones are male, the smooth ones are female. It also offers steadfastness, as it’s associated with strength of purpose. This makes it a welcome ally in all actions requiring an energetic response, given those two extra qualities.

In The Wildwood Tarot, the Holly appears on the cloak of The Hooded Man (The Hermit in RWS) linking him to the time of Mid Winter, and I see that The Green Man appears in the 14th Century poem of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, where The Green Man offers a challenge to King Arthur at Midwinter, demanding that he is encountered through our dealings with the natural world. What challenge do you face at this point of time?

The Ogham we see above is Tinne, which translates as “fire” and there is the link between the sacred fires of Midwinter and this tree, as it was often charcoal made from Holly that was burned at these sacred fires and was used by smiths in the creation of swords and ploughshares (which are cutting blade for ploughs).

Enjoy the passion that comes to us this week, especially as Mercury goes forward in the wee small hours of the 27th (here in the UK!) of November, and things return to something resembling normality. Whatever that is!

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Green Man Tree Oracle: Holly ~ Tinne

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