Wildwood CotD : Five of Vessels

It’s a TopLoader kind of day, to dance in the Moonlight! And if this lady is any example to go by, dance your cares away!

Five of Vessels

As is obvious from the image we see to the left, she’s dancing within a pentangle that is drawn on the earth. She holds a thyrsus in one hand (a staff covered in ivy vine and leaves) and a leather-headed rattle in the other. Clearly, she intends on making a little noise. She can hear the beat of the universal drum on a night as clear as the one she encounters. Whilst I cannot see as many stars, I can certainly enjoy the clear still night right along side her.

Her energy is renewed by her bathing in the cosmic life-force exultant and clear energy. As cold as it is outside, I can feel her energy and I smile. Usually, I find her facial expression enforced but tonight, I feel she is concentrating on conjuring something, on the energy she is releasing and manifesting and that is why her face is one of concentration.

What ways can you find to commune with nature on an emotional level? How many nights do we have where we have a full Moon that is clearly flanked by Jupiter? This lady is fusing herself with whatever spiritual being(s) she’s called upon for the time she is spending in the pentangle. Do you think that she’s enjoying herself so much, she’s in a trance?

What will you do today that will make you happy, that you can throw yourself very much into and just lose yourself for a while? It’s not been so long since I did that, but I did it hanging wall-paper last week and I enter this kind of state with each Tarot reading. Might do some more tomorrow!

If you’d like some assistance in reaching this level of ecstasy, you can find and book my time here.

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Wildwood CotD : Five of Vessels
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